Is Online Bingo The Same Game You Play At Your Local Church?

Bingo is a game enjoyed by many Americans. This influence of this game can be traced to the Italians which spread the game towards other parts of Europe until it reached the Americans. To win this game, one needs to achieve a specific pattern of discs on his bingo card. When he has that pattern, he will yell the word bingo to indicate that he won in sg online casino.

The Early American Bingo

The Italian kind of bingo was adapted by the Americans but it was not called Bingo back then. It was first named it Beano. This is because they use beans to mark the numbers already called by the dealer using beans. In Beano, the numbers are written on small discs that are placed inside an empty cigar box. The dealer will shake it and randomly select a disc. He will then announce the number on the disc. When a player has the announced number on his card, he will mark it with a bean. If he achieved a specific pattern, he will yell Beano to indicate that he already won.

From Beano To Bingo

The name of the game changed by accident. A player of Beano mistakenly shouted the word bingo when he won. At that moment, there was a toymaker named Lowe who heard him yell the word Bingo. This sparked an idea to make a new toy called Bingo. He modified to the number of squares and increased it so that it will be more marketable.

Church Bingo

One of the first customers of Lowe, when he launched his new toy, is the Catholic church. A priest saw it as an opportunity to increase funds for the church. The game was first offered as a free play but it soon escalated in terms of popularity, which also gave birth to online bingo.

Playing The Game Online

It was in 1996 when the first online bingo started. During that time, there were still a few players because most people still do not have internet access. The online version of the game became a failure at that time. However, years later, it grew in popularity online due to the increase in households having internet connections. The game is already played by many online gamers. The only difference between the online and offline game is that the online version uses a system to generate the numbers used during the game. In offline ones, a person will serve as the dealer and will randomly pick the numbers.

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