Online Baccarat: How To Play

Baccarat gives the impression of having mysterious players, thanks to James Bond movies. If one is an avid fan of Bond movies, he will surely notice that this game can be found in one of the scenes, where men are dressed smartly in tuxedos and women in fine dresses.

As much as the game is enticing, one cannot deny that fact that this game not only requires luck for one to win the game. This also requires a skill. Each player must be quick in counting numbers for lady luck to switch to his side.

Thankfully, one does not need to go to Vegas just to play this game. He can opt for an online baccarat game. Further, he can learn how to play it online first and hone his skills before he will try playing in the live games. Here are the steps on how to play it คา สิ โน สด online.

The Online Game

The online baccarat has the same gameplay as that of the offline one. The game is composed of 14 players. Each player will choose a slot on the table that is marked from 1 to 14. Each space has squares on the table where the players will place their bets on. There will be three squares available to each player marked as player, banker, or tie. Each of the players must decide which among the three they would like to place their bets on.

How To Win The Game

For one to win, he needs to have points as close to the number 9 as possible. This can be made possible by making the right decision in terms of whom he will place his bet on.

Cards And Hands

At the beginning of the online game, the players will be given their cards. They need to add the sum of their cards. Each card has its value. The ace card is counted as 1. The cards 2 to 9 is counted at face value. The kings, queens, and jacks are counted as 10. When a player has a card sum that is of two digits, the first digit will be disregarded. So, for example, if he has a queen and 7 hearts, the sum is 17. However, since this is a double-digit number, the first number which is 1 will be disregarded and the actual count of his card is only 7. If one is interested to play at live casinos, it certainly is a good decision to practice first on online ones so that he will be able to master the counting system.

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